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POB Magazine How Can We engage Future Surveyors? Feb 2013  
California Surveyor "Preserving Egyptian Heritage by Scanning the Ramesseum: A Surveyor’s Reminiscing" Jan 2013  
The Pennsylvania Surveyor "Ahead of the Storm" p.18 Fall 2012  
The Pennsylvania Surveyor "Surveyor's Lessons from Mason Dixon" August 2012  
POB "The BIM Movement" August 6, 2012  
POB "The Move from BIM to TIM" July 12, 2012  
POB "The Strength of the Boundary Spanner" June 2012  
POB "A Perfect Match" May 2012  
Professional Surveyor Magazine "The Power of Mobile Scanning" April 2012  
LiDAR News "The Left and Right of Friday the 13th" May 12, 2011  
LiDAR News "Marketing Accuracy … Under Control" Vol 1, No 6 April 2011  
Point of Beginning "Full Speed Ahead" August 2010  
Professional Surveyors Magazine "Embracing Mobile 3D Laser Scanning" July 2010
POB "Points of Progress", February 2010 - "Scanning Deadwood" October 2007  
Strictly Business Magazine March 2008  
Dramatics Magazine "Putting Your Best Foot Forward" March 1991  
Midlands Business Journal "MIRA help match the problem with Solution" September 2, 1977  
Midlands Business Journal "Engineering veteran Donlad Lamp retires" June 17, 1977  
Midlands Business Journal "Research, development is key to Solar America's growth" April 29, 1977  
Midlands Business Journal "Racquetball Club opens with party, exhibitions" May 27, 1977  
Midlands Business Journal "Time runs out for Westside-operated service station" July 29, 1977  
Midlands Business Journal "Labor, business join presenting Septemberfest celebration" August 12, 1977  
Midlands Business Journal "Omaha Products Show largest ever" September 9, 1977  
Midlands Business Journal "Wahl joins Daugherty at helm of Valmont Industries" May 6, 1977  



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